A R M College of Engineering and Technology

  • Approved By A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi
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  • Affiliated to Anna University - Chennai
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  • Degree Awarding Body: Anna University
  • Marai Malai Nagar,
  • Chennai - 603 209,
  • Tamil Nadu,
  • India

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The one of its kind Training Module Developed by ARM CET aims at imparting Quality Technical Education


The new generation of Electrical and Electronic Engineers are encouraged to undertake research and development activities in all areas of this rapidly expanding and fascinating discipline of Engineering. The Department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. With Anna University's curriculum, the Department places equal emphasis on theoretical and experimental Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


Electrical Engineers are wanted in all manufacturing units. All major companies of public and private sector such as Hydro-Electricity sector, Large Scale Industries, Electricity Boards, Manufacturing Plants, Power Corporations, are continuously in need of Electrical Engineers for their projects. Electrical Engineers also have job prospects in Design Industries, Production plants, Natural gas plants, Petroleum as well as in steel and chemical plants.


Electrical Machines Laboratory-I&II

To expose the students to the operation of D.C machines, transformers, synchronous machines and induction motors and to impart them with experimental skill.

Major equipments to support this laboratory includes:

Single Phase Incompleted Trasformer

Single Phase 5 KVA Trasformer

Single Phase 3 KVA Trasformer

Three Phase 5 KVA Trasformer

Coil Winding Machine

Earth Megger

Insulation Megger

15 Way Control Panel

Oil Testing Kit(230V)

DC Shunt MG Set

DC Compound Couple MG Set

DC Series Motor with Load

DC Shunt Motor with Load

DC Compound Motor with Load

DC Shunt Motor

Sliping Ring Induction Motor

Squirrel Cage Induction Crompton

Single Phase Capacitor Start Induction Motor

Induction Motor Coupled with DC Compound Generator

DC Shunt Motor Coupled with 5KVA Alternator

Synchronous Motor